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  Our  videographers are time-tested and skilled professionals.  From  medical review examinations to depositions, and from job site  inspections to mock trials and day-in-the-life videos, our videographers  have pretty much seen it all and will be your key to capturing the  information you need to win your case.  


A Focus on Results

 Our professional videographers arrive early, are technically savvy and  well versed in deposition / video etiquette. Post deposition, all video  and audio files are imported into formats such as Trial Director and  Sanction to name a few. Stand-alone software for creating trial-ready  video clips comes with your DVD copies of the deposition video. 


Through the entire process, we’ve got your video needs covered

 Choosing not to videotape a witness may lose you any leverage your  evidence in the case gains. Facial expressions and body language speak  louder than words. Using video evidence enables the judge and jury to  see what your deponent is not saying.  Remember, video testimony  captures your deponent’s in a way that  cannot be conveyed by reading a  transcript. There is no hint of body language or facial expressions to  be gleamed from it. 

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