• Depositions
  • Synchronizing your video with your deposition transcript
  • Medical malpractice inspections
  • Wrongful death site inspections
  • Day-in-the-life videos
  • Filming of production facilities
  • Live seminars and professional presentations
  • Mock Jury
  • Focus Groups


  • Deposition Video Recordings
  • Live Deposition Video Streaming
  • ELMO Document Presenters
  • ELMO Picture In Picture Depositions
  • Sworn Statements and Examinations Under Oath
  • “Day in the Life” Video Recordings
  • Video Editing
  • Duplication of DVD, VHS, and other media.
  • Transcript to video synchronization"I fully endorse Law Firm for their ability to explain all the options to their client and to guide them to choose the one that gets results."

All of CTLV's videographers are notarized for the state of Texas, and are experienced in video only depositions 

Why videotape your deposition?



Why videotape your deposition?

  • Video images capture important non-verbal communications of the deponent such as voice tone, body language, and pauses in testimony. Transcripts do not.
  • Highlights witness coaching and/or time lapses between question and answer.
  • Presenting testimony of non-appearing witnesses.
  • Re-inforcing the credibility of an adverse witness.
  • Great for building your case for trial. Ask us for our PIP (Picture in Picture) product for trial use.
  • Synchronize the video images with transcript testimony segments for higher impact jury presentations.